We specialise in all aspects of Aerial Photography and Videography to provide you with the highest quality media products.

Be it your special Wedding day or Corporate event, we can work alongside your chosen ground-based photographer to enhance your memories of the day and capture it in a unique way that will make your event even more memorable. We realise the significance of reliving your life experiences and this is the reason we deliver the highest quality product to help make your experiences unforgettable.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography gives you the best possible view from above. With unique skills and techniques, we deliver you high quality photos of your chosen subject or event, giving you a never before seen perspective.

Aerial Videography

Some might say that Aerial video is like experiencing the world through the eyes of a bird, we would agree.
We excel in providing Aerial Video to our clients helping to make their experiences some of the most memorable events of their lives.
We can also provide stock footage to T.V./Film production companies of their required area or subject, captured in your chosen definition, frame rate and colour profile.

Structure Surveying

The advantageous view that is obtained with a UAV (Drone) can show up many different issues that would normally be concealed from view. Being able to monitor your project from above, helps you to make more informed, cost effective decisions.

Video editing

Whilst the way Video footage is captured is critical, the end product can largely be determined by the way the Video is edited and coloured. Our professional editors can work with you to achieve many different looks for your final video file.