Privacy Policy

Chat messaging

When you write anything in the chat box it is stored in my CRM (HubSpot) along with your contact details (if you submit them).

I will use this data to answer your questions and send you relevant information.

Tracking Cookies

I use Google Analytics tracking code to place a cookie on your computer. This allows me to see your journey on my website. It will also tell me about your device and where you are located.

HubSpot will also put a cookie on your computer so that I can see your journey on my website and help me see what you’ve said to me on previous visits when we’re chating.

Do I give your data to other 3rd parties?

No. Only those listed above will be securely (encrypted) passed your data.

How do I contact you to remove my data?

I will only hold your data for as long as is necessary to complete your request. If you have purchased something from me it may be longer so I can support your purchase.

You can ask for me to remove your data from my systems by emailing me